Monday, January 7, 2008

Giles Lytton Strachey (IPA: [ˈdʒaɪlz ˈlɪtən ˈstɹeɪtʃɪ]; March 1, 1880January 21, 1932) was a British writer and critic. He is best known for establishing a new form of biography in which psychological insight and sympathy are combined with irreverence and wit.

Cultural depictions
Lytton Strachey
Landmarks in French Literature (1912)
Eminent Victorians: Cardinal Manning, Florence Nightingale, Dr. Arnold, General Gordon (1918)
Queen Victoria (1921)
Books and Characters (1922)
Elizabeth and Essex: A Tragic History (1928)
Portraits in Miniature and Other Essays (1931)
Characters and Commentaries (ed. James Strachey, 1933)
Spectatorial Essays (ed. James Strachey, 1964)
Ermyntrude and Esmeralda (1969)
Lytton Strachey by Himself: A Self Portrait (ed. Michael Holroyd, 1971)
The Really Interesting Question and Other Papers (ed. Paul Levy, 1972)
The Shorter Strachey (ed. Michael Holroyd and Paul Levy, 1980)
The Letters of Lytton Strachey (ed. Paul Levy, 2005) ISBN 0-670-89112-6

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