Saturday, January 12, 2008

Enterprise (occasionally archaically spelled enterprize) can refer to the following:

Economics and business

Enterprise, an airship used by Cecil Harvey and his party in Final Fantasy IV Fictional ships

Star Trek: Enterprise, television series originally named Enterprise, later renamed
Starship Enterprise - several ships in the Star Trek universe have had the name USS Enterprise or Enterprise
Free Enterprise (film), a film starring William Shatner Enterprises Star Trek

USS Enterprise - eight ships in the United States Navy carried the name Enterprise. Six of them were commissioned and use the USS prefix
HMS Enterprise, fourteen ships of the Royal Navy have been named Enterprise. Ten of them were commissioned and used the "HMS" prefix
French frigate L'Entreprise - the French ship that was captured and became the first HMS Enterprise
Enterprise (1814), a privately owned steamboat captained by Henry Miller Shreve
Enterprise (1862), pioneer sternwheeler on the upper Fraser River
Enterprise, one of the ships especially built for the upcoming China trade in the early 19th century, owned by the fur trader and multimillionaire John Jacob Astor of New York
Enterprise (dinghy) - the International Enterprise Class sailing dinghy
Enterprize (1829), an 1829-built schooner - Melbourne's tall ship
Enterprise (balloon), a hot air balloon used by the Union Army during the American Civil War Ships and boats

Space Shuttle Enterprise
VSS Enterprise, the proposed inaugural vessel of the Virgin Galactic suborbital tourism fleet, an endeavour of Sir Richard Branson Geographic locations

Enterprise (ride), an amusement ride
Social enterprise
Enterprise (train), a Belfast-Dublin railway service
Enterprise Records, a record label

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