Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Balderdash and Piffle is a British television programme made by Takeaway Media for the BBC. Presented by Victoria Coren, it is a companion to the Oxford English Dictionary's Wordhunt, in which the writers of the dictionary asked the public for help in finding the origins and first known citations of a number of words and phrases.
The OED panel consists of John Simpson, the Chief Editor of the OED., Peter Gilliver, who was also the captain of the Oxford University Press team in University Challenge - the Professionals, and Tania Styles, who has also appeared in "dictionary corner" in Countdown.

Balderdash and Piffle Series two
Balderdash and Piffle is also the name given to two books written by Alex Games. The first, titled Balderdash and Piffle was published by BBC Books in 2006. A second book, also by Alex Games and published by BBC Books, is titled Balderdash and Piffle: One sandwich short of a dog's dinner and accompanies the second series of the show.
The two books explore the origins of a number of words in the English language, including randy, shampoo and bouncy castle.

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