Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Office international des épizooties (OIÉ, French for "International Epizootic Office"), now known as the World Organization for Animal Health (Organisation mondiale de la santé animale in French), is an international intergovernmental organization founded in 1924. In May 2004, the OIÉ had 167 member countries. Its headquarters are in Paris, France.
The OIÉ's claimed missions are:
The organization was created following the rinderpest epizootic in Belgium in 1920. The disease had originated in India and concern over the spread led to an international conference in Paris in March 1921. An agreement was signed on January 25, 1924 by 28 countries.

to guarantee the transparency of animal disease status world-wide
to collect, analyse and disseminate veterinary scientific information
to provide expertise and promote international solidarity for the control of animal diseases
to guarantee the sanitary safety of world trade by developing sanitary rules for international trade in animals and animal products.

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