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Ndlela kaSompisi (died February 1840) was a key general to Zulu Kings Shaka and Dingane, and also served as Dingane's inDuna - his chief advisor.
Senzangakona, Shaka and Dingane's father, was married to Bibi, a sister of Ndlela. Mpande was married to Ndlela's daughter Msukilethe.
He was general of Dingane's forces at the Battle of Blood River (16 December 1838) , a significant defeat for the Zulus as the spears and large numbers of Zulus were unable to breach the Boer laager of Andries Pretorius defended with muskets.
Neither Shaka nor Dingane had children. Mindful of the lineage of the Zulu kings, Ndlela repeatedly defied Dingane's request that he assassinate Mpande, half-brother of Shaka and Dingane as he was a threat to Dingane's power. He argued that it would diminish his greatness and that, in any case, Mpande did not aspire to the throne. The Battle of Maqongqe where the forces of Mpande and Dingane clashed in 1840 culminated in Dingane calling Ndlele a traitor.
Dingane ordered his death through slow strangulation by cow hide thong, but by Ndlela's inaction he had preserved the blood line of the Zulu monarchy, as Mpande succeeded Dingane and Mpande's son Cetshwayo in turn succeeded him. All subsequent Zulu monarchs are descended from Mpande.

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