Saturday, March 22, 2008

Binley, Coventry
Binley is a suburb in the east of Coventry, England. Binley evolved from a small mining village on the outskirts of Coventry, to a large residential area composing private properties, and council owned properties. The small coal pit was closed and filled in, and the Herald Way industrial estate now occupies the site. Pit cottages are still present along Willenhall Lane and St James Lane.
Binley is flanked by Willenhall to one side (separated by the Coventry to Euston railway line), Stoke Aldermoor to another side (separated by Allard Way road), Binley Woods on another side, which almost joins Binley since B and Q, the Eastern Bypass, and TGI Fridays was built. The final side is Copsewood, leading to Wyken one way, and Stoke the other.
In the 1960s a new housing estate called Ernesford Grange was built in Binley. Many of the new closes were named after miners who had lost their lives in the pit, William McKee, George Robertson, Sam Gault being examples. Binley grew further in the 1990s with a large housing estate being constructed to the east of the old schools and extending to Brinklow Road (near to Coombe Country Park).
The flight path of the Coventry Airport runs just to the east of Binley.
The buildings of the old Binley school became Lino's Restaurant, which was demolished in 2007 to make way for new housing. The three other Binley schools disappeared in the early eighties to make way for a large industrial estate / office complex.

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