Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Saint Ivo of Kermartin (17 October 1253 at Kermartin, a manor near Tréguier, Brittany, France - 19 May 1303 at Louannec, Brittany), also known as Yves (in France), Yvo, Ives, or Ivo. He is a saint and patron of lawyers. Saint Ives is also the patron saint of Brittany. His feast day is on May 19. His first name is often associated with his family name, Yves Helory (also : Helori or Heloury, the orthography was not fixed at this time).

Ivo of Kermartin Veneration
He is often presented with a purse in his right hand (for all the money he gave to the poor during his life) and a rolled paper in the other hand (for his charge as a judge). Another popular representation of is Ivo between a rich man and a poor one.

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