Saturday, February 23, 2008

Andrus Veerpalu (born February 8, 1971 in Pärnu) is an Estonian cross country skier. On February 17, 2006 he won his second Winter Olympics gold medal (in 15 km cross country skiing; his previous gold medal is from the Salt Lake City games), becoming the fourth Estonian to have won two Olympic gold medals (Kristjan Palusalu, Erika Salumäe and Kristina Šmigun are the first three). He is the most successful Olympic athlete from Estonia with three medals.
Veerpalu has also found success at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, winning a gold at 30 km in 2001 and a silver at 50 km in 1999. He has also won the 50 km event at the Holmenkollen ski festival in 2003 and 2005.
Veerpalu earned the Holmenkollen medal in 2005, the first Estonian to do.

Andrus Veerpalu Individual races
6 wins (6 Individual, 0 Sprint)

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