Friday, April 4, 2008

Luís Filipe, Duke of Braganza
Prince Luís Filipe, Prince Royal of Portugal and Duke of Braganza KG (pron. IPA [lu'iʃ fɨ'lip(ɨ)]; Luís Filipe Maria Carlos Amélio Francisco Vítor Manuel António Lourenço Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis Bento de Saxe-Coburgo-Gotha e Bragança; March 21, 1887 - February 1, 1908) was the elder son of King Carlos I of Portugal and the 21st Duke of Braganza.
Luís Filipe was born in Lisbon, the elder son of Carlos, Duke of Braganza (later King Carlos I of Portugal) and of his wife Princess Amélie of Orléans. Luís Filipe was granted the titles of Prince of Beira and Duke of Barcelos, traditionally held by the heir apparent of the Prince Royal (Príncipe Real) and Duke of Braganza – the heir apparent to the Portuguese throne.
Two years later, Luís Filipe's father ascended the throne, and Luís Filipe became Prince Royal and the 21st Duke of Braganza, as the heir apparent of the King. In English, he is sometimes, but inaccurately, called Crown Prince of Portugal.
In 1907 Luís Filipe acted as regent while his father was outside the country. The same year Luís Filipe made a visit to the Portuguese colonies in Africa.
On February 1, 1908 Luís Filipe and his family were returning to Lisbon from their country estate at Vila Viçosa. Alfredo Costa and Manuel Buiça, two members a revolutionary society called the Carbonária, shot at the family, hitting Luís Filipe, his father Carlos I, and his younger brother Infante Manuel, Duke of Beja. Carlos I died immediately, while Luís Filipe lived for another twenty minutes. Manuel survived the attack, having only been shot in the arm, while his mother Amelia was unharmed. Manuel would succeed Carlos as Manuel II.
Although he survived his father for twenty minutes, Luís Filipe could not be considered as having been King because the Portuguese monarchy lacked the position of Crown Prince and automatic succession. Two years later, on October 5, 1910, the monarchy was overthrown and a republic established.

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