Saturday, August 18, 2007

Andranik Margaryan
Andranik Margaryan (Armenian: Անդրանիկ Մարգարյան, alternative spelling: Andranik Margarian) (12 June 195125 March 2007) served as the Prime Minister of Armenia from 12 May 2000, when the President appointed him, until his death on 25 March, 2007 He succeeded the Sarkisyan brothers; Vazgen Sargsyan, who was murdered during the Armenian parliament shooting on 27 October 1999 and Aram Sargsyan, whom the President appointed a week later, but fired on 2 May 2000.

Andranik Margaryan Soviet Armenia
In 1992, after Armenia's independence, Margaryan became a registered member of the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK), the first registered party in the 3rd Republic of Armenia. He influenced the party platform with the ideology he expressed as a member of the National United Party. He served as the Republican Party's Chairman of the Board from 1993 until his death. He had also been a member of the "Yerkrapah" Volunteer union since 1996 and served on the YVU's board.
In 2000, he was appointed Prime Minister of Armenia after the 1999 Armenian parliament shooting led to the murder of then prime minister Vazgen Sargsyan. Vazgen's brother, Aram Sargsyan, who the President appointed a week later as prime minister, was fired on May 2, 2000 leading to Andranik Markaryan being appointed as the 14th prime minister of Armenia. He had planned to resign after the May 12, 2007 elections in Armenia. Throughout his career, he was awarded the "Garegin Nzhdeh" medal by the Armenian Defense Ministry alongside the "Aram Manukian," "Fridjof Nansen" and "Vazgen Sargsian" medals.

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